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"The portrait for me is the curiosity to discover who's in front of the camera"
Catalin Anastase

The journey into someones personality usually starts with a conversation.

But sometimes there is no time for any conversation.

Whether it is a commercial portrait assignment or a fine art portrait shoot, the time I have to spend with the person before the shoot is short or no time at all.

I was always excited to operate in both ways, regardless the amount of time given.

The most extraordinary thing happens when I am listening to the person's story in front of me, the most interesting thing is when the person starts communicating with me and just forgets about how photogenic is at that specific moment.

Being photogenic is a state of mind, did you knew that ?

The light and expression are my primary objectives when observing the person in front of the camera.

The approach is different with every person, as diverse as their personality and charisma, so this is what I am after, this is my promise to you.

Using my skills, I will help you to discover things you do not know you know, to discover how beautiful you are, to discover the person you always wanted to be and this can be healing.I am really excited to show you, who you really are, so give us a chance to meet and Contact Us
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