I was always looking for ways to help people with their confidence and saw an art therapy process in a nude photo shoot, not only a vanity shoot.

The story started long time ago when a good university friend told me about his girlfriend that she was very shy, but wanting to see herself in a nude shot.

I immediately spoken with my girlfriend and ask her to help me with this shoot, so we invited the couple into my studio, so I could do this shot.


Catalin Anastase Nude Light Painting PhotographyCatalin Anastase Nude Light Painting Photography


Some women regret as they did not have any sort of body photography, being either semi-nude or nude all their life.

The human body remains a beautiful subject to be explored in images and if it goes with a long lasting self esteem therapy it is a bonus.

We organize through different institutions and charity organisations art nude photo shoots for women who want to gain more self esteem in this way.

Women or couple are invited, please contact us.