Q. If I respect the number of shooting hours, but book outside of the half day interval is it still considered half day ?

A. To be considered as half day, you will need to book the time frame as 8am - 12 pm or 1pm to 5pm, as half day time frame.


Q.If I exceed the time frame would I be charged  extra ?

A. After half an hour it will be consider an extra hour and it will be charged with $120/hour in the studio and $80/hour on location.

Q. If I am paying for the shooting time it means that all resulting images are included ?

A. Yes, if they will meet the criteria for the respective shoot as agreed from the beginning.

Q. If I am paying for the shooting, do I still need to credit the photographer ?

A. Yes, wherever and whenever this thing is possible.

Q. Can you shoot for free ?

A.  From time to time, at our discretion, we offer complimentary photography services for a charity cause, or a fund raise.


Q. Is retouching service included in this price ?

A. Yes all photos are coming fully retouched.